Making a Reservation

Making a reservation and getting here is simple.  


To confirm a reservation at the Hermitage Plantation Inn just contact us directly.  You can fill out our online contact form or send us a direct email.  Or, you can go through a travel agent or any third party you think might be the best idea for you


Using a Travel Agent or Booking Direct 


The advantage of contacting us directly is that you will be communicating with a member of the family or staff that own and operate the Hermitage.  You will have our immediate and personal attention.  All inquiries are answered in 24 hrs, or less.

The advantage of going through a third party, like a travel agent or internet operator, is that you might be able to get better prices on airfare, or be able to take advantage of a special promotion.  

If you're not sure which is better just send us an email and ask.   If you tell us where you are travelling from we'll be more than happy to give you some advice on what might be to your advantage. 


Confirming a direct reservation


Confirming a direct reservation is simple.  Generally a credit card number will do.