A Unique Nevis Vacation

A Nevis hotel with charm is the perfect vacation away from the usual resort crowds.  We offer a holiday where you can relax on the porch of your own private cottage, sharing the Great House, pool and other hotel facilities with just a few other guests.  Our little hotel offers an intimate experience where guests can have a holiday that is relaxed and refreshing.  


Our rooms and cottages are scattered over three acres, friends and families can be close, and still have their own space.  Our larger cottages and villas are perfect for a family of four or five.  The layout of the accommodations and gardens offers space to be on your own or together.


Our guests return year after year, sometimes bringing their friends and families.  It is true though that some prefer to keep Hermitage a secret for themselves.  


We are for the independent individual, the quietly adventurous sort, who relax best away from the crowds.  


This is the place where young couples share romance, where husband and wife reconnect, and where parents bring their children for a family vacation that is based on time spent together. 

Because of our intimate nature as a small hotel it is easy for us to cater to our services to the guests that are with us.


What do our guests say about us?


My Room Away from Home

My room in Nevis, my other home. My little white bed with a net to keep away the bugs.  Atop the creaky wood floor sits a small wood table where my shells and books rest.

On the other side of the little table, my brother’s little bed lay. A couple of feet from his little white bed is the door to paradise. Our little room has a little balcony where we watch the monkeys play, tumbling, jumping, playing games. You could sit and watch them all day. They run away as the goats begin to near, they stay and graze for awhile.

Our balcony has a chair, perfect for reading your book, staring into the jungle, listening to the fat chicken cry. You close your eyes as you wash down the sticky heat with a swig of cool grapefruit Ting. Outside you can smell the piggy cooking on the tiny old spit next to our tiny blue house, because on Wednesday nights we will all join for a big unique feast. Ever had breadfruit cheesie? Mind blowing! Boom!

We sit on the porch eating as we watch the stray kitten scamper under the table looking for scraps. We toss him some pig as he trots off happily with his prize.
Then that night when you are warm and full, lava cake still on your face, you curl up in your little white bed while the bats swirl overhead and the frogs sing you to sleep.

As you roll over, leftover sand crunches in your toes, As you drift off to sleep, dreaming of stray cats, and monkeys, and the sweet mango juice that awaits you in the morning.

by Gabrielle A. age 11