The Hermitage: Your Caribbean Country Home

The Hermitage presents Summer Fun, 2017

The Lupinacci Family invites visitors

to be One of the Family this Summer



There is a comment from a guest that has stuck with us. One guests said, "what makes Hermitage special is that it doesn't feel like a hotel, it's like staying in your own country home in the Caribbean". That quote has resonated, because if we can make you feel as this is your home while you are here, then we're doing something right.


Our family has owned and resided at The Hermitage for nearly 40 years. We have certainly gathered a wealth of knowledge and deep roots in our Caribbean community and we love to share that. This summer, we have a thought, that maybe some folks might like to experience what it's like calling Nevis home. We have our secret spots, our favorite places and things to do. Well, this summer, we want to share those with our guests - the way we did when Maureen and Richard first opened The Hermitage and renowned designer Adam Tihany, a friend and frequent guest at the time, cheekily dubbed us "Camp Lupi." He had hats made as well. 


So, with fond memories of that time, in the months of July and August, we are kicking it old skool. If you'd like to "be one of the family", there will be weekly adventures including beach picnics, day sails, rum shop tours, mountain walks and waterfall hikes. Because the work has to get done, if guests care to join us on the errands they can accompany us to the market to gather produce. Afternoons might see pick up cricket matches around the mango tree or badminton in the pasture. Evenings will be for gathering in the Great House for talks about the history of The Hermitage, maybe a parlor game, perhaps a sing a long or legging it to a local jump up.


If giving is rewarding, guests can join in on service opportunities like reading at a local daycare, participating in turtle rescues or joining in on a beach clean ups, or serving tea at the local infirmary.  


So whether one is returning or a first time guest, this experience is designed to share a memorable vacation experience in the authentic setting of an historic Caribbean country inn and family.


In tandem with this, The Hermitage is also offering enticing summer packages that include free nights, meals, transfer costs and taxes under either a Stay 7 Pay for 5, or Stay 4 Pay 3 offers.


For more information, please contact Chris who's on rezzie duties: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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