Hermitage is unique, committed to the personal touch, to customize every detail of your stay. For some that means lots of activities, information and introductions. For others, it's private, protected moments of stillness, unobtrusive comfort and gentle care.

We take pride in getting to know you and your preferences, the nuanced little details. Within a day, you will be at ease, making yourself at home, and on a first name basis with everyone.


Hotel Services and Island Activities

  • Dinner reservations
  • Massage bookings
  • Spa bookings at local salons
  • Island Tours with experienced guides
  • Nature Hikes and Mountain Climbs right outside your door, or, with Nevisian trail blazers who won't let you put a foot wrong on the vigorous hikes.
  • Sailing Charters
  • Fishing Trips
  • Car Rentals and Taxis

The Bar and Restaurant 

Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner are served on the wraparound porch of the Greathouse. This is where special dates are celebrated. Reservations are requested. 


The bar is small and intimate but large in scope. Single malt whiskeys, aged rums, Cuban cigars and a traditional rum punch that follows a 400 year old recipe, one part fresh sour citrus, two parts brown sugar syrup, three parts dark local rum, the rest is secret. 

Island Gift Shop - The Arthouse

The Arthouse at the Hermitage is quite simply the prettiest store on the island. A carefully curated selection of home accessories, clothing, crafts, jewelry and art. Sitting right above the parking lot, beside the pool and next door to the best rum punch on the island, The Arthouse is well worth a visit. Owner Annie Lupinacci and baby Ava are there most weekdays. Island neighbour and friend Glynis presides on weekends.


Flowers and Friendly Faces

Take off your shoes and leave them off.  You are home.