A Unique Experience

A Nevis hotel with charm is the perfect vacation away from the usual resort crowds. Enjoy a holiday where you can relax on the porch of your own private cottage, sharing the Great House, pool and other hotel facilities which just a few other guests. The Hermitage is a little hotel offers an intimate experience where guests can have a holiday that is relaxed and refreshing.  

Perfect for friends or family to visit, spending time together, sharing meals, conversation, and the experience of island living.

Rooms and cottages are scattered over three acres, friends and families can be close, and still have their own space. Larger cottages and villas are perfect for a families. The layout and gardens offer space for couples to be on their own and families to be together.

Guests return year after year, sometimes bringing family and friends. It is true, however, that some prefer to keep Hermitage a secret for themselves.  

The Hermitage is a place for parents to bring young children where they can play in the garden away from flashing screens and candy machines. A place for family reunions, when the kids are out of college, or can take a week off from work to join parents, one generation relaxing, the other exploring. 

For the independent individual, the quietly adventurous sort, who relax best away from the crowds. 

This is the place where young couples share romance, where husband and wife reconnect, and where parents bring their children for a family vacation that is based on time spent together.  

Some of our guests first come on a romantic adventure, return later for their honeymoon. The not-yet-wed in search of a most romantic place to get married, perfect for a grand destination wedding celebration, or a quiet wedding ceremony just for two.  

As a small hotel it is easy for us to cater to anyone, independent travelers, romantic couples or families with children. Being a small hotel on Nevis means that we can adapt ourselves to the guests that are with us.

Come, be our guest.


Dining at the Hermitage The gracious, colonial dining porch wraps around the historic manor house offering public and private dining…
Dining at the Hermitage The gracious, colonial dining porch wraps around the historic manor house offering public and private dining…
Hermitage is unique, committed to the personal touch, to customize every detail of your stay. For some that means lots…
At Hermitage we arrange intimate weddings, from simple elopements to family affairs. We set the stage in our gardens, or…